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ALEX water bottle

When I was pregnant with my second child, I got a reusable water bottle as a gift, which I brought to work each day in an attempt to keep up with my daily water requirements as a temporary baby factory. This water bottle was pretty fancy — it had a heart-rate-like monitor that was connected to a straw inside that calculated how much I was drinking each day. The only problem was that it was impossible to clean the straw or the sippy-cup like nipple. In the end, I wound up back in my old routine of refilling a plastic Poland Spring bottle for my water supply, and the bottle ended up on a shelf in my cubicle.

The split bottle design makes it easier to clean and store.

The bottles come in a range of colors.

The award-winning ALEX bottle was designed specifically to take on the cleanability issue plaguing most reusable bottles. It is the first reusable bottle with “Clean Seam Technology” which allows it to open in the middle for cleaning. The split bottle design also allows it to compact itself into half its size by inverting and nesting the bottom half inside the top for smaller storage and traveling. The bottle is designed so that the split center is a design element, not a hidden seam. The founders of  Nice Reusables approached Anvil Studios in 2009 to design the ALEX Bottle after becoming frustrated with the process of trying to clean reusable water bottles.

ALEX Bottles are available from select retailers throughout the USA and Canada and can also be found online at Prices start at $25.95 for the 20 ounce bottle and $29.95 for the 32 ounce bottle.

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