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FusionBrands Kitchen Tools

Based in Atlanta, FusionBrands takes a playful stance with their kitchen tool line without crossing over into full kitsch (not that I don’t like kitsch sometimes) by keeping the whimsy firmly founded in the tools’ functionality. One of their latest introductions, the poachpod stainless, is claimed to be the first floating stainless steel egg cooking tool. The poachpod stainless keeps the egg safe inside while it floats in boiling water; a nonstick surface helps release the poached eggs intact, and the food-safe silicone finger grips make it easier to handle. Another new item (and a sure favorite of picky toddlers everywhere), the fooddam knows that some foods are not meant to touch. Heat resistant up to 475° F/357° C, the fooddam is an expandable silicone food divider that allows you to cook two foods separately in the same pan at the same time. Designed with a solid base and flexible ends for a smooth fit, you can snap together two silicone pieces for 10-inch pans or three pieces for 12-inch pans. Finally, the crackpot (this one gets extra points for the name) is a 1.5 quart melamine bowl with an integrated “egg crack blade” to help prevent shell fragments from landing in the mixture. While expert chefs will scoff at such a feature, it seems a good teaching tool for beginners or a helpful aid for those of us that still require a little help in that department. Crackpot also comes with an ergonomic handle with a thumb rest to make whisking or scrambling more comfortable. Prices: Poachpod stainless ($15.00 for a set of two); fooddam ($10); crackpot ($12). For a list of places to buy FusionBrands tools click here.

The poachpod stainless.


The fooddam.

The crackpot.

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