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HandStand iPad Case

The iPad, while an amazing device, has an obvious shortcoming in its case design — you can’t easily hold it with one hand without touching the screen with your fingers and consequently dirtying the screen or accidentally launching apps. The HandStand iPad case, now available for the iPad 2, aims to fix this problem by way of a one-size-fits-all hand strap on the back that allows you to keep your fingers politely away from the the iPad’s edges. The durable, semi-flexible silicone case, made of 100% recycled plastic and resin, has a rotating disk on the back that allows users to spin the tablet 360 degrees (with a gentle clicking noise) to swivel from landscape to portrait viewing mode.  The case also offers some protection as well as an integrated stand for viewing or typing when not showing off your iPad to other people who don’t have one yet. The HandStand for the original iPad only comes in black, but the new version for the iPad 2 comes in black, white, or pink. Available at for $49.95.

Back view showing the handstrap.

Side view showing how it doubles as a stand.

The HandStand easily rotates from landscape to portrait mode.

Front view... see no fingers! (Okay, there is no hand either.)

For those brave folks who wear white pants on the subway.

Pink version.

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