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PUMA: Clever Little Bag

Designed for PUMA by Yves Behar’s outstanding design firm fuseproject, the Clever Little Bag is one of the 61 finalists of this year’s INDEX: Award, the largest monetary design prize in the world. The award is given by INDEX:, a Danish-based, non-profit organization that works globally to promote and apply both design and design processes that have the capacity to improve the lives of people worldwide. The winner of the impressive €500,000 prize will be announced on September 2nd at a gala event in Copenhagen.

Designed to be “a sustainable replacement for the traditional shoebox”, the packaging is a bag and box combination; a cardboard sheet folds into a box structure to hold the shoes, fitting seamlessly into a cloth bag, which keeps the shape and provides protection for the shoes. The system uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoebox, takes up less space, weighs less in shipping, and is completely recyclable. Good for Puma to recognize that there was a better way to sell sneakers that could save money, resources, and waste. Plus, you get a great little tote you can use as your lunch bag. Stay tuned for more life improving INDEX: Award finalists in upcoming posts.


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