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Zero5 Ski Helmet

I seem to have a thing for helmets lately. The Zero5 ski helmet, designed by Integral Studio Vinaccia for Innovazione Design Italia, is what I imagine would happen if a motorcycle helmet and a fencing mask had a love child. According to designer Valerio Vinaccia however, the top of the head gear was actually inspired by something more unexpected — medieval helmets.

The wire mesh design on top, which has a protective gortex fabric interlayer, allows heat and moisture to escape, while the helmet’s integrated transparent polycarbonate visor (with an anti-fog/anti-mist treatment) replaces the need for goggles. “The initial design had the traditional goggles, secured by two screws,” says Vinaccia, “but then we went to the motorcycle-derived visor.” Who says that safe isn’t sexy?

The view from above.

Original sketch for the ski helmet. Courtesy Integral Studio Vinaccia.

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