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Poppin Office Supplies

tape dispenser

Poppin wants to be to office supplies what IKEA is to furniture — fun, affordable, and service-oriented. Founded by business heavyweights Chris Burch (an investor in companies such as Jawbone, Voss water, and Tory Burch) and Ken Seiff (founder and former CEO of, the Poppin brand intends to replace the often dull world of office products with items that will bring a bit of cheer to the desktop. With 85 SKUs already, ranging from pens to glue to laptop tote bags, Poppin is planning on launching a line of electronics, furniture, and even breakroom accessories such as ping pong tables.


To win a box of black ink Signature Ballpoint pens courtesy of Poppin, tell me what desktop item you can’t live without and why in the comment box below. I will pick a winner at random and announce it here on Friday July 1st. Good Luck!



  1. My super duper jumbo paperclips in bright matte colors. I know it sounds strange but I use them for everything. Plus the colors are so happY! I have a ruler which I also use a lot, but this black one from Poppin is way cooler

  2. My label maker. I am addicted. When things seem their craziest, to punch out a title and slap it neatly on a new file folder brings palpable relief!

    • Congrats Nancie! You are the random winner of a box of Poppin pens! I will send you an email to sort out the details. Thanks to everyone for participating in my first giveaway.

  3. Jordana says

    scissors – i seem to use them every day. and file folders – can never have too many!

  4. Jeremy says

    I can’t live without my red Jawbone JAMBOX and my red medium Poppin notebook!

  5. I cannot live without a pen and paper. I keep one with me at all times so I can write things down when inspiration strikes!!!

  6. pineapple says

    I can’t live without my small blue notebook. I use it to take notes, to keep track of websites and my finances.

  7. Memory LeMay says

    STICKY / POST IT NOTES!!!!!! Oh my gosh….. I don’t know how we lived before without them!!!! Useful AND stylish! Hearts, Stars, Traditional square yellow….. Just have a a sticky note stuck to this and that and you can’t miss reminders!!! No worries of having to remember to check your pants pocket to remember a second time, what you need to do!!!

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