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Steinway Lyngdorf S-Series Sound System

Designed for smaller spaces (including your private yacht, of course) the S-Series can serve as a primary home audio system or complement an existing system.

The technical lowdown from the manufacturer:

The S-Series consists of the S-15, a slim mid-high speaker and the S-210, an on- floor boundary woofer, which provides tonally accurate and highly musical bass with virtually no cabinet vibrations. The matching set can be installed in stereo, when combined with the newly launched fully digital SP-1 Stereo Processor, or with the P1 Surround Sound Processor for the ultimate cinematic experience. In either configuration, one has the choice of fully digital amplifiers, the A1 (2 channel) or the soon to be launched A2 (4 channel).

I’m not going to pretend I’m an audiophile by any degree, I just know a sharply dressed speaker when I see one. The system features silk-wrapped strings that encase the sides of the sleek matte black or satin silver aluminum speaker cabinets. The speakers can be wall-mounted, placed discreetly in-wall, or featured on bookshelves and cabinets. Pricing starts at $22,100 (it is a Steinway after all), including an SP-1 stereo processor and A1 amplifiers.

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