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MeebleMail Email Stationery

While there is nothing like getting a real note in the mail that has been signed, sealed, and delivered (I’m yours!), it’s a reality that most of our correspondence these days is over email. To ease the pain, add a little flair to your emails with the e-stationery designs from MeebleMail. The site offers patterns from fashion designer Trina Turk, interior designer Celerie Kemble, and others, in categories ranging from “Animals” to “Tweens”. After you set up an account, select a pattern, and personalize the language, the design can be inserted directly into Gmail, AOL, Hotmail ( and, and Yahoo! Mail accounts. When I gave MeebleMail a trial run, I thought picking the pattern and setting up the stationery on Gmail was easy enough, although I always dread having to create another password to remember. Each design, with unlimited personalization changes, costs $4.99 and is yours to have for a year.

Warning: Dressing up your email is not a suitable replacement for sending your wife (partner, husband) a birthday, anniversary, or Valentines Day card. Sometimes, the effort of signing, sealing, and delivering a paper card is still best.

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