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Trapa Modular Planters from Haskell Collection

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Trapa modular planter system is handmade in Southern California by Haskell Collection, a new sustainably minded garden furnishings company with a Mid-Century modern aesthetic. Joining a line of seating and tables, Trapa features pots made of thick 11 gauge 100% recycled domestic aluminum in 6” or 12” heights that can be inserted into either of the two stainless steel stand sizes (12” or 24”), depending on the height desired. The planters come in a durable pearl or gray colored powder coat; according to the manufacturer, the overspray from their powder coat process is often retrieved and reused to help eliminate the waste commonly found in liquid finishing processes. Haskell makes all of its products in the U.S. (with regional materials whenever possible), “in order to help fuel our economy, sustain jobs, and maintain a level of quality control and production that we feel only domestic manufacturing can achieve.” If you want to bring a little bit of California home with you, the line is available through Livingreen.

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