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Computer Gadgets by Nendo

Rinkak computer mouse. All photos by Hiroshi Iwasaki.

The Japanese design firm Nendo explains that their job is to give people “aha!” moments that reveal what is hidden in our everyday lives. For their new pieces for Elecom, the firm pushes the expectations of everyday computer accessories.

The Rinkak mouse is a play on the concept of rinkak, a Japanese word referring to an object’s outline against its background. Like freehand sketches, the colorful cables become the rinkak of the mouse, while the mouse itself becomes the background. The Data Clip is a brilliant concept —  the USB stick is formed into the shape of a paperclip that can attach to a stack of documents, business cards, or other Data Clips. It’s a fantastic solution for when you need to file a USB along with a piece of paper. Finally, oppopet is a fun wireless mouse that comes with different animal tail-shaped wireless receivers. When the mouse is in use, the tail plugs into a computer; when you are done, the mouse (or whale or pig) becomes whole once again.

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