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Ynea Catamaran by Phoenix Design

Everything I know about sailing I learned by watching John Candy’s classic 1985 comedy Summer Rental. If you’ve not seen it, here is the main lesson: anyone can learn to sail, if they really want to. With the Ynea catamaran concept by Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design, sailing is easier than ever before. According to the firm, “the ship is almost completely navigated automatically, thus, two experienced yachtsmen/yachtswomen or crew members are sufficient to navigate Ynea.” Based on a dissertation project by industrial designer Ralf Kittmann (now a Phoenix Design employee), the vessel’s easy navigation stems from its “Wingsail technology” that is positioned at the edge of the deck instead of the center.  This creates “a large area for relaxation and enjoyment,” or nausea and regret, depending if you forgot the dramamine.

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