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Geografia Paper Globes

I found these lovely, self-assembly paper globes from the Japanese company geografia (a division of the 90-year-old Marumo Printing Co.) while touring the aisles of the New York Gift Show last weekend (one of the many finds I will share in the coming weeks). Designed both for education and decoration, the collection includes a blank globe you can draw on, a glow-in-the-dark globe that replicates the earth at night, and sectional globes that peel back to reveal the structure of the earth’s core. The level of detail on each piece is amazing — one pattern mimics wood and has maps made of green trees, another has a faux leather texture and animal shapes hidden in the design. Geografia also makes topographic-inspired memo pads that reveal changing features of the earth and coast line as you work your way down the block. The pieces are designed by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi of Drill Design and architect Hajime Narukawa of AuthaGraph Co.,Ltd., using 3D printing, UV printing, inline die cutting, inline embossing, afterglow printing, and collation technology. Available in the U.S through the MoMA Store and at as well as other retailers worldwide. Get one for your favorite science (or paper) geek — and get folding.

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