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Serene House Scent Diffusers

Designed in collaboration with Danish designer Carsten Jörgensen, Serene House officially launched its line of “Personal Air Care” to the U.S. market last April. During last week’s New York Gift Show, Serene House drew in the crowd with a display of gently steaming scent diffusers that looked very much like a collection of genie bottles. The Scentilizer collection includes seven diffuser designs that release a scented mist (produced with a combination of Serene House branded essential oils and fresh water) while playing music via a built-in speaker and emitting a light display. The illuminated Scent Flute (beware of chemistry lab flashbacks) warms up various tubes of oil in 45 minute intervals so that your nose doesn’t get bored (you get accustomed to a smell after 30 minutes). If you want something a bit simpler, there are also unglazed porcelain wax diffusers (the Oracle, shown above, is like a little shrine) and a traditional but beautiful line of porcelain tea-light candle containers and reed diffuser bottles. For more info, check out the Serene House site, or visit their New York City showroom at 41 Madison Avenue.

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