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Jetsam Wallet Line

Necktie Wallet Collection

Debuted at last month’s New York Gift Fair, the Jetsam wallet collection from Prix Prix is named after the 16th century term for unwanted material that was thrown overboard to lighten a ship’s load. Each wallet is made of end-run fabrics, cast-off clothing, and vintage textiles and comes packaged in a signature screen-printed gift box made in the USA from 95% recycled paper.

Before starting her eco-friendly wallet line, designer Laura Skelton studied and worked in the field of sustainable architecture, and the line firmly reflects the green design mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Two collections are made of reconstructed vintage neck ties and wool suiting: the Uncle Larry Edition is a funky compilation rocking out to 70s-era patterns and the Prepster Edition features classic stripes and patterns and more clubhouse-friendly hues. The Spiffy Lumberjack Edition of bifold wallets (cue the Monty Python references) is made from reconstructed vintage plaid shirts and wool suiting, while the Natty Professor Edition is made, as it should be, from tweed jackets and wool suiting. I really like how Skelton has taken one concept and transformed it into a varied line that will appeal to a younger demographic, as well as one old enough to have once had these pieces in their own closets.

Necktie Wallet Collection: Prepster Edition

Necktie Wallet Collection: Uncle Larry Edition

Bifold Wallet: Natty Professor Edition

Bifold Wallet: Spiffy Lumberjack Edition

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