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Kendo Cutlery Center

A well-balanced meal on the plate sometimes means preparing foods that don’t play well together when raw. To help prevent food borne illnesses caused by cross contamination, the United States Department of Agriculture suggests the following cutting board etiquette: Use a clean cutting board (hoping you didn’t need the USDA to tell you that one…); replace boards that are worn or have hard to clean grooves; and if possible, use one cutting board for fresh produce, and others for raw meat, poultry, and seafood. Introduced during this week’s New York Tabletop Show, the Hampton Forge 11 piece Kendo Colors Cutlery Center helps keep your food safer with a set of color-coordinated cutting boards and high carbon stainless steel knives. In case the color coordination isn’t enough to help you find the right match, the boards and knives also feature icons to help to identify their roles.

While this is a good start, I hope in a few years that cutting boards will evolve so they can warn us if the food we are preparing has gone bad, or if it is harboring a farm-raised nasty like listeria. Considering the amount of deaths recently in the U.S. due to some bad cantaloupe, it seems like there is a huge potential market out there for such a product.

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