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Maharam Agenda

Have you ever picked up a book and felt an instant urge to protect it from harm? Maharam Agenda, by Michael Maharam, is one of those books. This beautiful new monograph documents the evolution of a 110-year old family textile business that grew from one man with a pushcart selling remnants on the Lower East Side to one of the most design savvy textile companies in the world. Before it transitioned to commercial textiles, the Maharam Fabric Corporation was a textile supplier to Broadway, contributing fabric for costumes and set designs. The 375-page book includes drawings of these costumes, as well as archival photography, ads, and engaging images of the re-editions, collaborations, and graphics the company is known for in the interior design community. Designed by A4 Studio, the graphic design arm of Maharam (in collaboration with Lars Müller) Maharam Agenda features an embroidered cover and spine (available in four variations) by designer Hella Jongerius that truly conveys the Maharam spirit. Published by Lars Müller Publishers, the book will be distributed in America by Prestel. It is $65.00 from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and William Stout.

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  1. It is lovely to see American companies whose focus is on design be able to celebrate their history! We are a young country and it has taken us awhile to have a real “history” when it comes to design. Congratulations Maharam!

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