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London-Themed Wallcoverings

Londinium wallpaper.

Between the Queen’s Jubilee and the Summer Olympics, London has been getting a fair share of attention this year, and Graham & Brown have introduced a line of London-themed wallpaper and paints to celebrate. The Londinium wallpaper pattern is a black and white illustrated cityscape showcasing major landmarks, including modern additions such as 30 Mary Axe and The London Eye. Designed by surface design and textiles student Sophie Minal, the kitschy Jubilee wallpaper pattern features pastel-colored fashions of the 1950s alongside London landmarks. To accent the papers, Graham & Brown have also launched the “Colours That Made Britain Great” line of paint, which includes Rules The Waves blue and Double Decker Bus red.

Here are a few other paint color suggestions for the line that Graham & Brown might like to consider: Mind the Gap Green, Dr. Who Blue, and of course, Black & Tan. $35 U.S. per can, $70 per roll.

Londinium wallpaper and Double Decker Bus paint.

Jubilee wallpaper.

Jubilee wallpaper and Rules the Waves paint.

Double Decker Bus paint can.


  1. That office wallpaper is so sassy fabulous! Gives me great design inspiration for my own office.

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