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D’E-Light Lamp by Philippe Starck

In addition to being an awesome ’90s house band, D’E-Light is a new task lamp from the Italian lighting manufacturer Flos that houses a USB socket above the light diffuser to charge and display an iPod, iPad, or iPhone. By combining a charger with a high-efficiency, polished aluminum lamp, designer Philippe Starck helps clean up the desktop and bedside surface areas that are getting a bit crowded these days with electronics. Retailing for $396 USD, D’E-Light will be available next month in limited quantities in the United States through the company’s New York City showroom at 152 Greene Street.

Maharam Agenda

Have you ever picked up a book and felt an instant urge to protect it from harm? Maharam Agenda, by Michael Maharam, is one of those books. This beautiful new monograph documents the evolution of a 110-year old family textile business that grew from one man with a pushcart selling remnants on the Lower East Side to one of the most design savvy textile companies in the world. Before it transitioned to commercial textiles, the Maharam Fabric Corporation was a textile supplier to Broadway, contributing fabric for costumes and set designs. The 375-page book includes drawings of these costumes, as well as archival photography, ads, and engaging images of the re-editions, collaborations, and graphics the company is known for in the interior design community. Designed by A4 Studio, the graphic design arm of Maharam (in collaboration with Lars Müller) Maharam Agenda features an embroidered cover and spine (available in four variations) by designer Hella Jongerius that truly conveys the Maharam spirit. Published by Lars Müller Publishers, the book will be distributed in America by Prestel. It is $65.00 from …

MeebleMail Email Stationery

While there is nothing like getting a real note in the mail that has been signed, sealed, and delivered (I’m yours!), it’s a reality that most of our correspondence these days is over email. To ease the pain, add a little flair to your emails with the e-stationery designs from MeebleMail. The site offers patterns from fashion designer Trina Turk, interior designer Celerie Kemble, and others, in categories ranging from “Animals” to “Tweens”. After you set up an account, select a pattern, and personalize the language, the design can be inserted directly into Gmail, AOL, Hotmail ( and, and Yahoo! Mail accounts. When I gave MeebleMail a trial run, I thought picking the pattern and setting up the stationery on Gmail was easy enough, although I always dread having to create another password to remember. Each design, with unlimited personalization changes, costs $4.99 and is yours to have for a year. Warning: Dressing up your email is not a suitable replacement for sending your wife (partner, husband) a birthday, anniversary, or Valentines Day card. …

Wordle Word Cloud

I’ve wanted to play around with wordle for a while — this free app generates a customizable word cloud based on a group of words or a link to a web site or blog. There is a choice of fonts, colors, word direction, and shapes for the cloud to take, and the best part is that you have the right to use the image any way you please — you can make a T-shirt or poster, or use it in the classroom or for a presentation. I created the wordle word cloud above based on posts on this blog as of July 3rd 2011 with the Tank Lite font and the “Organic Carrot” color palette. What’s the most interesting application you have seen with wordle?

The Tote Bag Book

  Although some of us already have more tote bags in our possession than we will ever require, we still can’t resist collecting them. The fact is, they don’t take up much space, they don’t cost much (or are giveaways), and they are more sustainable shopping partners than plastic or paper options. Tote bags also serve as a surrogate T-shirt, and let you express your mood through whatever design you pick that day. The Tote Bag, a new book by the London-based illustrator and designer Jitesh Patel, was inspired by Patel’s blog dedicated to cutting-edge tote bag design. Featuring the work of more than 120 designers and illustrators, the book seduces its prey through its packaging — it is actually wrapped in its very own tote bag. Published by Laurence King Publishing, The Tote Bag is a 160 page paperback available for $24.95. In the U.S., you can order a copy through Chronicle Books.