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Grids & Guides Drawing Pad & Tracebook

Princeton Architectural Press has added two new products to their popular Grids & Guides series of tools for visual thinkers. The Grids & Guides Drawing Pad is a large-format drawing pad for the desk, drawing table, job site, or on the go. Fifty pages of extra-large graph paper are bound to a black board and perforated for easy tear out. Each sheet of classic blue graph paper offers more than 100 square inches of space to draw and sketch your next amazing idea. $16.95

Also new from PAP is the Grids & Guides Tracebook set, which includes two notebooks filled with 60 pages of tracing paper. The cover flaps fold inside the book, providing handy structure for sketches, designs, or lists. Remove the flaps, and the design remains, while the grid disappears. The tracing sheets are also perforated. $18.95

All images courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press.

Pangea 3D Wooden Contour Maps

Using bathymetric data, Pangea’s 3D maps depict the contours of the ocean floor, revealing the often unseen beauty that lies below the surface. Combining modern surveying techniques and CAD technology with the art of cartography, these handcrafted waterscapes are made from layers of Baltic birch plywood.

Carefully considering the scale and composition of each map, the company sources accurate bathymetric data (underwater topography) for each location before laser-cutting the plywood sheets to form the contours of the ocean floor. When finished, each map goes into a hardwood frame and is finished with a layer of glass. Maps arrive within two weeks and ship in a wooden box. In addition to a standard line of maps from Boston to Sydney, Pangea also offers one-of-a-kind custom maps through its online map builder.

Pangea Maps donates $50 USD for every referred sale on its website to The Ocean Cleanup, an organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. The Ocean Cleanup aims to remove up to 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.


Pangea Maps Studio-5-HRPangea Maps Studio-2-HRPangea Maps Studio-1-HRPangea Maps Studio-11-HRPangea Maps Studio-10-HRPangea Maps Studio-9-HRPangea Maps Studio-7-HRHawaii Islands_Pangea MapsPuget Sound_Pangea Maps_HomePangea Maps_Howe Sound_LRPuget Sounds_Pangea Maps


Pricing for North American maps start at $360, Australian maps start at $240, and custom maps start at $390.

Rollbe Compact Rolling Ruler

Rollbe is a super compact measuring tool around the size of a quarter that comes in a small leather carrying pouch you can slip in your pocket. Does the market really need another ruler? Well, Rollbe has been on Kickstarter for just a few days and has already raised almost $20,000 – far beyond the initial goal of $6351. I’d say there’s a huge market.

Designed for both the Metric and Imperial systems, Rollbe’s rolling design allows it to measure both straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. It’s handy for home owners, architects, engineers, interior designers, fashion designers, decorators, art students, or anyone who needs to precisely measure irregularly shaped things on a regular basis.

Rollbe comes in two versions, the coin-size 4”  ruler and the 8” ruler for more professional use. To use it, you simply place the start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure, and then roll and count full rotations by following the ”radius indicator”, then add remaining units. It’s clean, mechanical look will have great appeal for professionals and DIYers alike.

MeasureKnurledEdgesRollbe 4 Inch & 8 Inch RulersRollbe 4 Inch Ruler on WhiteRollbe 4 Inch RulerRollbe 4 Inch With Key ChainRollbe 8 Inch RulerRollbe 10 CM RulerRollbe 20 CM & 10 CM RulersRollbe 20 CM RulerRollbe Cover 4 Inch rulerRollbe Tailoring

All images courtesy of Rollbe.

LA Urban Farms Vertical Garden Growing System

Founded in 2013, LA Urban Farms offers a vertical garden system which can grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers, with no gardening experience necessary. These space-saving vertical gardens only require 30 inches of space and use aeroponic technology which grows plants in an air or mist environment without the use of any soil. The reservoir at the base holds nutrient-rich water, which is pumped to the top of the garden, showering the roots of all the plants along the way, without the use of any harmful chemicals. All the seeds used by LA Urban Farms are 100% organic and non-GMO.

The gardens are made from FDA food grade-approved plastic, and can help earn LEED points. The gardens also use 90% less water than conventional gardening, because the water is being recirculated in the system until the plants absorb it or it evaporates, and they use 90% less space because they are growing vertically. LA Urban Farms offers gardens in a variety of sizes, from smaller sizes perfect for growing fresh produce at home, to commercial gardens.

An LA Urban Farms Vertical Garden Growing System can be purchased for $525 (or $45.25/month) at

Photo Credit Dina Klempf for LA Urban Farms_

Photo Credit Dina Klempf for LA Urban Farms.

Photo Credit Dina Klempf for LA Urban Farms

Photo Credit Dina Klempf for LA Urban Farms.

All images courtesy of LA Urban Farms.