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Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

While this isn’t the first time a gramaphone has been adapted to amplify digital music, this is the first bluetooth-enabled version that I’ve spotted on the market. The Gramovox is not only a piece of home decor and an obvious conversation starter, but a new technology that offers the bold design and vintage sound of a 1920s gramophone to accompany any kind of music on your bluetooth-enabled device.  When sound waves spread up from the wood base and through the S-curve horn (a 3:4 reproduction of the 1920s R3 Magnovox horn) users experience an organic, mid-range, vintage sound. Master metal fabricators have crafted the horns using some of the same manufacturing methods used in the 1920s (the horn is made in China and assembled in Itasca, Illinois). The cone component is spun on a lathe and the neck is stamped out of sheets of steel. Afterward, these parts are hand-welded together, polished, and powder-coated black. The inner cavity of the walnut wood base (which I wish was a bit more elegant than a brick-shape) is CNC-milled to accommodate the horn hole, speaker, and …

Embroidered Creations by Harp & Thistle Stitchery

To pass the inevitable downtime during auditions, rehearsals, or shoots, New York City-based actor/singer Erin Flanagan Lind would make sure to bring along punch needle projects to work on. Her work started to get fans among her fellow cast mates. “They would tell me I should sell them, so three years ago I took their advice and opened up shop on Etsy.” Her husband Corey photographs all of the merchandise and ships the items. Lind’s mother introduced her to punch needle embroidery over six years ago. Punch needle, or needle punch, is an ancient rug-hooking technique shrunken down onto a much smaller scale and uses a special twice-threaded hollow needle, embroidery floss, and weaver’s cloth. Each piece is designed, and each tiny loop is meticulously hand-punched by Lind. Her punchneedle creations have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show,, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest, Plus Model Magazine, Going Home to Roost, and on Etsy’s Front Page. We asked Lind a few questions about her embroidery. How long does a piece typically take to complete? Good …

Andrew Myers: Screw Artist

By combining ordinary screws and oil paint, Andrew Myers creates stunning portraits and graphic art pieces. To create the work, Myers will first draw the image on a board that he will then precisely pre-drill with holes. He then carefully drills each screw to the right height in order to get the desired 3D effect. Finally, he finishes the background (using materials like vintage newspaper or phone book listings, for instance) and paints each screw using a pointillist technique. Each piece contains thousands of screws, making the work both time-consuming and physically demanding (the pieces range from $10,000 to $50,000). Myers, who draws inspiration from his everyday life for his art, says that he’s used over 200,000 screws to date, with more commissions coming. Why screws? “I am always thinking of new mediums to use, but haven’t gotten the same effect as with the screws,” he says. “I believe there is a lot more that can be done with screws and I am still learning.”