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The Sky Scratcher

This cleverly named piece of feline furniture is the creation of Portland, Oregon–based Mike Estes. Even the snobbiest cat on the block (oh, you know who you are Mr. Jingles) will be impressed by the Sky Scratcher, a 37”-high cat scratching post made from more than 125 recycled corrugated cardboard die-cut pads and a FSC-certified bamboo plywood base and center pole. Each cardboard pad is removable from the center post, allowing you to replace and recycle pads that wear out. Estes is currently raising funding at Kickstarter to be able to bring the product to market and only has one week left to meet his goal of $7000. Check out his site and see if his pledge gifts (organic cat nip oil,  screen printed t-shirts) entice you to make a donation. Good luck Mike!

Wasara Biodegradable Tableware

If you are the kind of person that recoils from a styrofoam cup, while acknowledging the impracticality of completely avoiding disposable plates and dishes, then Wasara might appeal to you. Designed by Shinichiro Ogata, Wasara is a single-use paper tableware collection made of non-wood, rapidly renewable materials such as reed pulps and bamboo, and bagasse, a postindustrial recycled material that is a by-product of the sugar refining process. The fifteen 100% biodegradable and compostable dishes and drinking vessels have a modern shape and a natural texture that ironically makes them hard to throw away, even if it is into a compost bin.  All images courtesy of the INDEX: Award 2011.