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Monbento Bento Box

When the folks at Monbento asked me to pick one of the colors to test out their new bento box design, I selected the purple one. And as it turns out, I’m quite the color expert. Last week Pantone selected a bright purple named Radiant Orchid as their choice for color of the year, and the color is very close to the color of my Monbento. The new Monbento Box consists of two airtight containers, one internal separator, a lid, and a thick rubber band to hold them all together. To create the airtight seal for each compartment, the silicone cap must first be pulled up. Then you place the lid on the container, press firmly until it is secure, and then close the silicone cap to remove any remaining air. The cap should also be opened to microwave the box (the manufacturer suggests you keep it under three minutes however). The most appealing characteristic is a BPA-free, soft-touch plastic coating that makes the Monbento feel like silk. The airtight and insulated lunch box is …

Takenaka Bento-Box

While walking around this summer’s New York Gift Show, i spotted these colorful and glossy Bento Boxes. Handmade in Japan by Takenaka, these adorable containers¬†have removable partitions and come in 13 colors and seven styles, making it easy to remember which one is yours when you have to run out the door in the morning. The color choice can also make sure one is only used for veggie dishes or kosher dishes, if so desired. Dishwasher and microwave safe.