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Little Free Library Design Competition

A competition to design a new version of the Little Free Library touches on two of my favorite things in the world — product design and books. If you aren’t familiar with Little Free Libraries, they are small containers that are installed in front yards, community centers, and public spaces all over to world to help people exchange books for free. There are nearly 40,000 of these structures worldwide, and Chronicle Books. Little Free Library, and AIA SF are inviting architects and designers to rethink the structure and solve some problems cited by users in the field. Challenges that the new design should try to overcome include keeping the doors shut, making it accessible at night, keeping it water-tight and heatproof, and perhaps my favorite, serving small children and tall adults alike. The jury includes architects, editors, and designers, and the prizes include an architecture library from Chronicle Books and other goodies. If I designed one, I’d love a little solar panel on top that lights it up at night when the door opens and …

Nendo Designs a Library & “Books” for Starbucks Pop-up Shop in Toyko

For a clever pop-up shop concept in Tokyo, the Japanese design firm Nendo designed a library-like space where visitors could review “books” in nine different colors that correspond to a different espresso drink. Once a visitor finds a drink that they want, they would “check-in” the book for an actual espresso drink, but keep the “book” cover with info on their beverage. The reverse side of the book cover can be punched out and used as an insert for tall or short size tumblers. The shop only lasted for a few weeks in Tokyo in September…but perhaps we will see one popping up in another city soon?