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Rollbe Compact Rolling Ruler

Rollbe is a super compact measuring tool around the size of a quarter that comes in a small leather carrying pouch you can slip in your pocket. Does the market really need another ruler? Well, Rollbe has been on Kickstarter for just a few days and has already raised almost $20,000 – far beyond the initial goal of $6351. I’d say there’s a huge market. Designed for both the Metric and Imperial systems, Rollbe’s rolling design allows it to measure both straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. It’s handy for home owners, architects, engineers, interior designers, fashion designers, decorators, art students, or anyone who needs to precisely measure irregularly shaped things on a regular basis. Rollbe comes in two versions, the coin-size 4”  ruler and the 8” ruler for more professional use. To use it, you simply place the start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure, and then roll and count full rotations by following the ”radius indicator”, then add remaining units. …

JAMBOX Speakers

If you have ever seen someone walking down the street with a crazy-looking headset (think Star Trek mets Alexander McQueen) they were probably wearing a Jawbone. The newest addition to the Jawbone family of high-tech gear is JAMBOX, a compact, portable, wireless speaker that can be used for music, gaming, or even as a speakerphone for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  As an added bonus, users can synch it with MyTALK, Jawbone’s online platform to download apps, software upgrades, and other features. Designed by Yves Behar’s fuseproject, JAMBOX offers an output capacity of 85 decibels, comes in four colors, and carries a suggested retail price of $199. Available at Apple Stores, select Best Buys, and at