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Dream of Songs Jewelry by Minna Kao

Dream of Songs is a Brooklyn-based jewelry brand that produces ethereal, modern, 3D-printed jewelry pieces in Brooklyn and Long Island City, New York. Minna Kao, the 41-year-old founder and creator of Dream of Songs, has been a fan of designing jewelry since she was a little girl, when she sold a collection of plastic bracelets to her elementary school classmates in her hometown of Houston. After graduating from the University of Texas, Kao went to Paris for a six month apprenticeship under designers Diane Pernet and Alan Faye. After some more time studying in New York City and soaking up the Japanese sensibility of Wabi Sabi in Tokyo, Kao opened MinnaK, a bridal and evening wear company in 2006. In 2013, she fell in love with 3D design and launched Dream of Songs two years later. We recently asked Minna a few questions about herself and her design process.   DT: Are you still designing bridal pieces or are you a full-time jewelry designer now? MK: I’m not designing bridal pieces anymore, I’m a full-time jewelry designer now. DT: Do you work with a partner …

Polli Jewelry Collection

I came across this fantastic line of Australian-made jewelry at the recent New York Gift Show. Founded in 2002 by Tess Lloyd and Maja Rose, Polli uses sustainable materials and processes and has been awarded a low CO2 rating by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia for offsetting the carbon emissions produced by the company’s energy consumption, flights, car travel, and commuting. Polli’s 75% recycled stainless steel jewelry collection includes whimsical, vintage designs such as hot air balloons, bicycles, cameras, and hat cases, as well as Mexican floral patterns and woodland animal motifs. For its line of wooden brooches and cufflinks, Polli uses sustainable plantation hoop ply pine with colorful prints, and then wraps them up in an organic cotton pouch. The diversity of the line makes it hard not to find the perfect piece, whether you are an animal lover, camera buff, architecture fan, or your standard jewelry addict. Polli is available from 400 retailers across Australasia, North America, and Europe, but if you can’t find a store just order directly from their site.

Paper Displays of Affection Origami

Origami is a wonderful craft to begin with, but origami you can wear or give as a gift is even better. Artist Suanne Li’s collection of origami objects includes hair pins, jewelry, ornaments, and “money roses,” a great way to give cash as a gift without looking thoughtless (a quick snip and the rose converts back to useable bills). The other items are treated with a glossy finish for durability. Li, who is also a real estate consultant in New York City, has been folding origami for about 15 years. She first became interested in the art form as a child when it helped her concentrate in class while taking notes. Her collection can be seen at her etsy store, with pieces ranging from $11.00 for a hair pin to $160 for a money rose made of notes equal to €85. She also takes custom requests. Her store will be “closed” from July 16th to August 1st, but check back after then to make a purchase.