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Albuquerque-based Meridith McClure specializes in crafting biology-inspired hand embroidery she calls biobroidery. The 24-year-old artist works as a seasonal field biologist and began embroidering in 2016 in order to keep herself busy while working in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Biobroidery was created out of McClure’s passions for biology and embroidery. “As a biologist, my favorite things to embroider are my favorite things to also identify and study in the field, such as plants, wildlife, and insects,” says McClure. “I like to focus on native species, as I both know more about them from my work, and am passionate about the promotion and conservation of native species.” McClure says that an average piece can take her as little as a few days to as long as a few months, depending on how much time she has to devote to it. She is currently finishing up several projects such as hoops and patches of native cacti and desert grasses. “My next project will likely be Melampodium leucanthum, the Blackfoot daisy,” says McClure. Some of the pieces feature intricate …

Embroidered Creations by Harp & Thistle Stitchery

To pass the inevitable downtime during auditions, rehearsals, or shoots, New York City-based actor/singer Erin Flanagan Lind would make sure to bring along punch needle projects to work on. Her work started to get fans among her fellow cast mates. “They would tell me I should sell them, so three years ago I took their advice and opened up shop on Etsy.” Her husband Corey photographs all of the merchandise and ships the items. Lind’s mother introduced her to punch needle embroidery over six years ago. Punch needle, or needle punch, is an ancient rug-hooking technique shrunken down onto a much smaller scale and uses a special twice-threaded hollow needle, embroidery floss, and weaver’s cloth. Each piece is designed, and each tiny loop is meticulously hand-punched by Lind. Her punchneedle creations have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show,, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest, Plus Model Magazine, Going Home to Roost, and on Etsy’s Front Page. We asked Lind a few questions about her embroidery. How long does a piece typically take to complete? Good …

My Embroidery Kit by Lisa Grue

Embroidery. The word conjures up the vision of wall hangings in the hallway of your grandmother’s house and delicate handkerchiefs that seem too nice for blowing your nose. Or, in the case of a new embroidery kit from designer Lisa Grue, a grinning skull that cheekily reminds you that “Shit Happens”. Created by Danish graphic designer and artist Lisa Grue, the collection is based on the concept of  Memento Mori — the idea that we must remember our mortality and pause once in a while to enjoy life. The modern embroidery kit contains everything you need to create a piece of quirky decor in the same stress-releasing, meditative way that has been done for centuries. You can pick one up for yourself, and your hippest grandma, from Grue’s web shop in June.