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Paper Punk Jewelry Fold

There is something very satisfying about folding the paper jewelry from the Paper Punk Jewelry Fold kit. Designed to make 3D necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, the kit includes easily foldable punch-out shapes with tabs that are inserted into numbered slots. These create geometric forms in a sort of instant-origami that you can then stick to paper bases and decorate with stickers. While the kit says the recommended age range starts at six, I think that eight would probably be a more likely age that kids would more easily begin to master the tab-insertion process. Inside every kit are punch-and-fold shapes (in either triangle or square options), glitter stickers, gloss stickers, metallic stickers, adhesive dots, and an instruction booklet. The best part is you don’t need any glue or scissors for the kit— everything you need to go from a flat piece of paper to a 3D piece of art is included. You don’t even have to be an arty person to successfully get the final result – it’s pretty foolproof, even for someone like me. $19.95 Back of the box. …

Pocket Dept. Notebooks

I spotted these unassuming letter-pressed notebooks at last month’s BookExpo America show in New York City. Designed and manufactured by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, New York, each piece in the Pocket Dept. notebook line features 35 pages of unlined, high-quality paper that is perfect-bound for durability. When it comes to petite notebooks, I’m a Moleskine addict myself, but I like the vintage, muted colors of this line and the handmade quality that makes whatever you are jotting down that much more classy. The line’s Name, Date, Place series includes the Back Pocket ($8.00), the Shirt Pocket ($10.00), the Backpack Pocket ($11.00), and the Messenger Bag Pocket ($12.00).