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Dish Bunny Drying Rack

You had a bad day. The faster you needed to work, the slower the internet wanted to go. The dog destroyed another pillow and you came home to find her sitting in the middle of a pile of fluff. You turn on the kitchen light and realize you forgot your lunch leftovers in the work fridge. It was pasta bolognese, and it would have been amazing right about now. You are about to scream when you see something that makes everything a little better. It’s a dish rack. A white, wire dish rack that is in the form of a cute little bunny. Aww, that’s better now, isn’t it? Measuring 19.7” wide by 9” deep, the Dish Bunny was designed by Chris Koens. It is available for £27.95 via Pretty Dandy.

Origami Hunter Wall Lights

Hunting trophies may signify power and grandeur to some, but they are downright cruel to others. There is no denying however, that they become the focal point of a room. An animal-friendly alternative is the Origami Hunter lighting range by Chilean designer Veronica Posada. The fixtures are made of industrial-grade, heat-resistant paper that has been folded into the shape of a stag, rhino, or ram head. While tested for safety, the lights have not been UL-listed as of yet. The pieces range from 13.8 inches tall by 11.8 inches wide (rhino) to 28.3 inches tall by 15.7 inches wide (stag and ram). They are available exclusively through Pretty Dandy, an online interiors boutique based in Nottingham, England. £179 (single light), £495 (set of three).