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Unusual Tea Bags from Atta Creative

During last month’s London Design Festival, the folks from Atta Creative displayed these lovely tea bags as part of a collaborative of Korean designers. The T-Point tells you when your water is at the proper temperature for brewing through color changes of the leaf that is produced by thermocolor printing. Just pop a leaf out of the container and hold it above the cup to see if it’s ready. Teapop Travel bags have paper cut-outs of famous icons to create souvenir tea bags. Finally, Tea for Two is an engagement ring shaped handle that would be a perfect favor for bridal showers, engagement parties, or just for the bride and groom to use on their special day.

Ornamentum Gallery Jewelry

Founded in 2002, Hudson, New York’s Ornamentum Gallery will be the first and only contemporary jewelry gallery to be exhibiting at Design Miami/Basel (sister fair of Design Miami) to be held June 15-19 in Switzerland. A member of the fair’s selection committee went so far as to cite Ornamentum as “one of the best contemporary jewelry galleries in the world.” While these curious, limited-edition pieces will set you back several thousand euros in some cases, I think they could gain value over time, depending on the career of the designer. I’m impressed by Ted Noten’s courage to mix and match low-end and high-end materials, like a ring with acrylic and black diamonds, and David Bielander’s sense of humor (sometimes dark) with his “swine” brooch cast in pearls or his silver salt cellar made in the shape of a slug. Of all the pieces though, the one I could see myself sporting around town tomorrow would be Jiro Kamata’s “Sunny” rings made of sunglass lenses and gold. It’s a fresh take on the “big ring” trend that …

Littlefly Jewelry

This ring is an example of the handcrafted jewelry from artist Jeremy May of London-based Littlefly. These bookish baubles are made by laminating hundreds of sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing them to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewelery is then re-inserted in the excavated space. May does not have a retail presence yet in the U.S., but does ship here and around the world. To order visit Pieces start at $165.00, plus shipping.