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Victorinox Tomo

Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army knife, have given this classic pocket companion a modern makeover with the Tomo series. Featuring a sleek rectangular shape and a fresh color line, Tomo is a unisex accessory that can slip into a pocket or be tucked into a pocketbook alike. The new design of this classic pocket knife doesn’t compromise its function — the familiar grouping of blade, nail file with cleaner, and scissors are all there. Tomo, which means “companion” or “friend” in Japanese (is it too Scarface to call your knife “friend”?), was designed by Kazuma Yamaguchi, whose work appears in design shops under the label ABITAX. Tomo comes in a beautiful carrying pouch made of 100% recycled and reusable pulp. While a nice touch, perhaps the white leather pouch option (available for $13.00 USD) is a more durable option for those days when you find yourself in a bit of trouble and need to try out some sweet MacGyver moves. Available for $24.00 USD.