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Disruptus Game

Disruptus is a new award-winning game from U.S.-based Funnybone Toys that combines function and fun with a minimal design. The game, which includes cards, a die, and a small hourglass timer, asks players to look at objects and ideas and use different approaches to innovate. The game draws inspiration from the practice of ‘disruptive thinking’, a powerful way to innovate that has been used by corporations and designers to create ideas and objects like digital music, camera phones, and car-sharing programs.  It’s a fun gift for designers, students, teachers, or anyone that likes coming up with better ways of doing things. Best of all, it does it while taking you off the electronic grid, even if for just a little while. $24.99. Ages 10 to 99. All images courtesy of Funnybone Toys.

Pleasure to the People from Jimmyjane

Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought this could happen to me. I am a design blogger and I want to write about an award-winning product line by one of the world’s top industrial designers. The only problem is that it’s a line of vibrators and the subject is a bit … awkward. What should I do? I’ve included a few photos. – designythings Dear designythings, First of all, great blog! You wouldn’t happen to be talking about the Jimmyjane Pleasure to the People line designed by Yves Béhar and Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden? That is one classy group of sex toys. Did you know that the Form 4 vibrator introduced in April is the latest of the three products in the line (doesn’t Form 2 remind you of the Starship Enterprise?? I’m just saying.) I see why you find it appealing to write about the collection, and how confused you must be feeling. Is it the fact they are rechargeable and waterproof (even bath safe!) that impresses you? Or the soft medical grade silicone and …