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Freedom Of Creation Necklaces

Cobble Necklace by Louis Filosa.

FOC Talents is a global online network of talented, young designers that send in Computer Aided Designs twice a year in response to a design brief from the Amsterdam-based product development company Freedom Of Creation (FOC). The best designs are then produced through a 3D printing technique and commercialized by FOC. For the 2011 summer challenge, held in cooperation with Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove, designers were instructed to interpret Lovegrove’s vision of “organic essentialism” into a necklace design. The jury selected the Cobble Necklace by American designer Louis Filosa, a hollow, pebble-shaped, totem-like pendant available in red or gray.

Says Lovegrove about the design of the Cobble Necklace:

I find erosion a fantastic provider of form and it could be a metaphor for infinite form. What I also like about this work is the contained object which has an almost tribal quality and something more contemporary in the way it is worn…I like its strength and wearability almost as if emotions can crawl inside and live there…

The second place winner was the Park necklace by Pekka Salokannel, a Finnish designer who works full-time on 3D printed designs. Inspired by the concept of parks, the necklace is double-faced with a different texture on each side, giving the wearer an option to fit their mood.

Kudos to FOC for holding a program that promotes good design, and congrats to the winners on getting their concepts produced by a top class manufacturer. The Cobble Necklace is now available in red or grey sparkle color in the FOC online store for €98.32 (excl. VAT) and the Park necklace is for sale on the site for €232.78 (excl. VAT).

Cobble Necklace by Louis Filosa.

Cobble Necklace by Louis Filosa.

Cobble Necklace by Louis Filosa.

Park Necklace by Pekka Salokannel.

Park Necklace by Pekka Salokannel.

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