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knIndustrie Cooking Utensils

White Pot, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.

These sculptural cookware lines from knIndustrie, an Italian company founded a year ago that now is sold in over 240 stores in Italy alone, were on display at last month’s Eurocucina show in Milan. The pieces are functional for the stove top, and then can be used as elegant serving dishes on the table once you remove the handle. The new FoodWear collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, includes stainless steel casseroles, low casseroles, and pans that can be used on all types of stoves including gas, ceramic glass, thermal, and electromagnetic induction. The line comes with a handle in a black steel finish and two covers, in either bronze glass or polished steel, that can be used upside down as a stand for cake, quiche, cookies or other non-drippy items. Also new from the company (and designed by Dordoni) is WhitePot, which has an inner white ceramic “nanotech” surface, an external stainless steel surface, and a detachable walnut handle. The detachable handles have the added benefit of making the pots easier to store and clean — that is, if you actually want to get one of these pieces dirty.

A removable wooden handle turns the pot into a bowl.

The FoodWear collection, designed by Milan-born architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni.

A cover in the FoodWear collection can also be used as a cake stand.

The handle in the FoodWear collection has a black anodized finish.


  1. Just beautiful! There is no words to say about these fantastic cooking tools and gadgets. These are the one type of helper when we want to cook very easily. I really like to cooking with different stainless steel utensils. Removable handle tools are best one to serve on dining table and portable also.

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