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Magical Magnetic Jewelry

Since the first time i spotted Uno Magnetic jewelry at the New York Gift Show in New York City, i was intrigued. Created by Miami-based architect/interior designer Luis Pons, the jewelry is made of a brightly colored chain and a small magnetic ball that work together to form bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings, and anything else you can imagine. When a sample arrived in the mail a week before this summer’s Gift Show, i was psyched to try it out for myself, and wore it to my day job at a design magazine. During the course of the day, my pink/green Uno got noticed by several colleagues (i was wearing it with a navy blue dress, and it stood out.) The hardest part is keeping your hands off of it once you have found a design you like – i found myself playing with my necklace all day (to the point of distraction). That being said, i think playing with these chains is a stylish, stress-busting replacement for other nasty habits, such as nail-biting or hair twirling. Uno Single (one color, one strand) retails for $19.99 U.S., Uno Multis (two colors, one strand) sells for $21.99 U.S., and Uno Doubles (two strands, each two colors) are $29.99 U.S.

Caveat Emptor: As a friendly warning, i suggest that you be careful with these pieces around small children – the small magnetic balls can be easily swallowed and cause internal damage (Bucky Balls, a popular magnetic toy, were recently recalled for this very reason). But you won’t want your kids playing with these anyway – you will never get them back!

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