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Oh My Clumsy Heart Jewelry

Stella necklace made with rainbow quartz.

Sophie Davies is a designer living in the South East of Kent in England, where she makes minimal, modern jewelry for the wonderfully named Oh My Clumsy Heart. Her collections range from classic jewelry with a modern twist, to geometric designs, to her latest collection of geology-inspired pieces adorned with titanium quartz and pyrite. We asked Sophie a few questions about her work, and where she finds inspiration.

Sophie Davies. Photo by

Quartz Necklaces

Designy Things: When did you start designing jewelry? Did you study jewelry design in school?

Sophie Davies: I started making jewelry around 18 months ago. I wanted to make
 something I would buy and wear myself —minimal designs that are lovely to
 look at. Mostly everything I have learned has been self-taught. When I want 
to make something, and I don’t know how, I teach myself.  I do, however, have
 a degree in Media and Popular Culture with a heavy focus on advertising,
 design, and branding — something that comes in very useful.

D.T. Where do you source the stones from the geology line?

S.D.: When I have decided on what type of stone or crystal I want to use for a new 
piece, I scour online for sources. Often I import them from international
 sellers of various sources.

Muriel necklace.

D.T.: Who is your favorite jewelry designer?

S.D. Most designer or High Street [Main Street] jewelry brands do not appeal to me, it’s more the little online boutiques that really make me giddy.  Saying that, Christian Dior makes stunning jewelry.

Brass Triangle necklace

D.T. What inspires you?

S.D. I couldn’t honestly say. I think I take inspiration from the little things
I don’t notice so much. Good design and style is appealing to look at. I guess I take inspiration from noticing something that has been well-made.  I try to incorporate the design styles and features I find appealing — but I think most ideas just … appear.

Fox plastic brooch.

D.T.  What’s next?

S.D. Bigger, Bolder, and Brighter.

All photos courtesy Sophie Davies.

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