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Cleverly Designed Obama Campaign Swag

The folks behind the New York City shop KioskKiosk have come up with a clever way to help support their favorite candidate for president. From now until Election Day, they are selling Obama re-election souvenirs in their shop and on their site, with all proceeds going to the Obama campaign. Those who prefer to volunteer their time are in luck, as the shop has opened up an “Obama Call Booth” during store hours, where you can earn credit for the items depending on how many calls you make urging folks to vote (10 calls gets a “We Shall Over Comb” comb, 15 calls gets a “Our Guy is Fly” glider, etc.). And if Obama doesn’t win, supporters can still console themselves drinking whisky from a glass with his face all over it, or by playing with the irreverent “Gawd Dam” Mitt paddle. KioskKiosk is open Monday to Saturday from 12-7 pm. 95 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, NYC.

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