Things for Eating, Things that are Unnecessary
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Unnecessary Things: Cookie Spoons

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.55.56.jpg

A screen shot of the dipr home page.

I love learning about new kitchen gadgets and tools, but more than a few times I’ve come across a product where my reaction is more “Why?” than “Wow!”. That’s the case with The Dipr, a hook-like device designed to cradle the center of a sandwich cookie so that you can dip it into milk more easily. At the surface, the Dipr is an innocuous new way to enjoy eating cookies. But do we really need a new tool to help kids (and adults) eat their cookies more efficiently? With the country’s skyrocketing obesity rates, I think we are probably managing just fine. Healthy eating issues aside, I always thought that it was part of the experience to get your fingers wet with milk when you dunk a cookie. And I know we aren’t dining at Downton Abbey, but must we walk around our homes sucking moist cookies off of plastic hooks?

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