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The Penxo Pencil


If you have a thing for mechanical pencils, then you should meet Penxo, a minimalist 2mm lead holder with no springs, buttons, or mechanical parts. Designed by Brian Tong Tak, Penxo recently took home a Red Dot Award in the stationery category and fulfilled its Kickstarter goal in less than a day.

So how does this magical writing utensil work? Each pencil, which is pressure-milled from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum, uses a center window gap which functions as a lead trigger release when gently squeezed. This window also allows the user to read the lead color, brand, hardness labels, and most conveniently, check the amount of lead left inside.

Expected to ship in July, the pencil will sell at a MSRP of $35 and initially be available in two colors — Dark Black and Rebel Silver.


PENXO_2_silverblack_stack (1)

All images courtesy of Penxo.

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