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Banana! Nendo Designs Packaging Design for Minion’s Favorite Snack

Nendo was recently asked to design the packaging for Shiawase bananas, high-quality bananas grown on a plantation in a national park located in the north-central region of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Grown using only organic fertilizers and adhering to the strict restriction on the use of pesticides, the produce became the first bananas to be awarded with 2 Stars at the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) Superior Taste Awards in Belgium. To keep things as simple as a banana’s natural packaging, the Japanese design firm decided to steer clear of boxes or packing material, and instead applied stickers to the surface of the banana peel. The double layered sticker has a top layer that replicates the textural feel and colors of the banana peel, even down to the lifelike bruises and discoloration. When this top layer is peeled off, the second sticker reveals a description of the banana’s origins upon a background the color of banana flesh. Nendo also designed a paper carrier bag designed so that when the string handle is removed you can easily pick out the bananas. Spreading open the bag reveals that it is made out of one sheet of paper in the shape of a large faux “banana leaf”. A detailed description of the “shiawase banana” can be found on the reverse side of the bag. Minions and other banana fans worldwide should take note however — this banana package is only available in Japan. shiawase_banana05_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana06_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana07_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana08_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana09_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana10_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana11_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana12_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana13_akihiro_yoshida shiawase_banana14_akihiro_yoshida Photos by Akihiro Yoshida.

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