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DNA Jewelry from Identity Inside

The concept of giving someone your heart is so overused and cliché, why not give them your DNA instead? As science-fiction as this might sound, a group of scientists based in Switzerland have figured out a way to embed fossilized DNA into a piece of jewelry.

It all started when Swiss chemist Dr. Robert Grass wanted to find the perfect present for his wife to celebrate the birth of their first child. So, like any curious man of science, Dr. Grass wondered if he could combine his research of DNA preservation to create the worlds most unique “push present.” He developed a patented process to store his DNA in a diamond that he placed in a custom-designed ring, which has expanded into a small collection of jewelry including a custom-made watch and an 18kt rose gold pendant.

To get your DNA in the jewelry, you simply provide a mouth swab sample which is then (not simply) fossilized in glass particles to form a white powder that safeguards the DNA, similar to what is found in ancient amber and bone samples. A small insert is cut in the jewelry, inside of which the fossilized DNA is placed. The opening is then sealed, closed, and protected with a flawless, 0.02 carat diamond.

The DNA sample goes through stringent quality management procedures to avoid mix-ups and for a fee, you can recover the DNA through a “de-fossilization” process — just in case you are the type of person who worries about being reaniminated sometime in the next thousand years. A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the project, which the company hopes to deliver by Valentine’s Day.

IMG_7795 - Version 2 (1)IMG_3470IMG_3462IMG_7986IMG_3458


Images courtesy Identity Inside.

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