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Iittala X Issey Miyake

A few weeks ago I attended a preview for the new Iittala X Issey Miyake Collection at the MoMA Design Store in New York City. The collection, which combines the Finnish craftsmanship of Iittala with the iconic style of fashion designer Issey Miyake, includes high quality ceramic plates, platters, cups, and a tealight candleholder; a glass vase; and textiles including a pleated totebag, a “table flower” in two sizes, napkins, place mats, and cushion covers. A color palette of white, pink, green, gray unites the modern, yet soft pieces. The MoMA Design Store will be exclusively sell the collection through May 2016.I_X_I_Cushion_group_JPG I_X_I_group_1_B_JPG I_X_I_group_2_JPG Iittala_IXI_Pause_for_harmony_2016_inspiration_4_vertical_JPG


© Rita Catinella Orrell


© Rita Catinella Orrell


© Rita Catinella Orrell


© Rita Catinella Orrell

All images courtesy of Iittala, except where noted.

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