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Dish Bunny Drying Rack

You had a bad day. The faster you needed to work, the slower the internet wanted to go. The dog destroyed another pillow and you came home to find her sitting in the middle of a pile of fluff. You turn on the kitchen light and realize you forgot your lunch leftovers in the work fridge. It was pasta bolognese, and it would have been amazing right about now. You are about to scream when you see something that makes everything a little better. It’s a dish rack. A white, wire dish rack that is in the form of a cute little bunny. Aww, that’s better now, isn’t it? Measuring 19.7” wide by 9” deep, the Dish Bunny was designed by Chris Koens. It is available for £27.95 via Pretty Dandy.

AirLeaf Mini by Nendo

There are air purifiers and there are air fresheners, but the AirLeaf Mini from Mikuni is some kind of strange hybrid of the two. Designed by the Japanese design firm Nendo to look like a sprouting leaf, AirLeaf Mini is an air purification device that you can attach to the inside of a fan or air conditioner. The unit is claimed to reduce and remove carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere as air flows through the tiny beads inside that are impregnated with essential oils extracted from fir trees. Not sure if it works, but i would be willing to try it out in a New York City cab in August any day. All photos by Hiroshi Iwasaki 

Omnioutil bucket

I usually like to focus on products that are brand new to the market, but these colorful multifunctional buckets from the Japanese housewares company Hachiman Kasai, introduced nearly 20 years ago, just stopped me in my tracks at the last New York Gift Fair. Made of polypropylene with a corrugated texture, the buckets come with a handle and lid that make it easy to be used for storage as well as for a small stool for children to sit on or for short moms to get down the pasta from the top shelf. The buckets are also great for washing up or general outdoor work — there is a small hole in the handle designed specifically to hold a hose so you can easily fill it up. They come in five colors and three sizes (8, 10, or 20 liters), so you can find the right bucket for the job. There is a reason they still sell these after nearly two decades.

WC Line by Josh Owen

Instead of just hiding the toilet plunger in his new collection of bathroom accessories for Kontextür, designer Josh Owen intentionally mimics the traditional wooden handle and rubber base shape. Available in April, the WC Line includes a covered waste bin, toilet plunger with a storage dish, and a toilet brush with a storage vessel, in white, red, or black. The locally sourced wooden handles and the full silicone rubber parts are washable; a handy feature if it takes you a few moments too long to figure out which piece is the plunger. $121.50.

Toddy Gear Cleaning Cloths

It strikes me as a bit odd that people spend hundreds of dollars on phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices, then walk around with them smudged up all the time. It’s hard not to – the glossy surfaces show every fingerprint and oily cheek mark. What’s worse, when they do get wiped clean, it’s typically with a shirt sleeve or other fabric that can scratch the surface. With the Toddy Gear line of designer cleaning cloths, there are dozens of options to keep devices smudge-free, while expressing your personal style. The Toddy is a dual-sided microfiber antimicrobial cloth that cleans and polishes your grimy goods, with designs ranging from drawings of vintage photographic equipment to preppy plaids and punchy botanicals. Machine washable, the cloths come in a 5″ x 7″ and 9″ x9″ size. $9.99 to $14.00.