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Sense Sleep Tracker

The Sense sleep tracker from Hello, which begins shipping to consumers next month, raised an astounding $2.4 million on Kickstarter in August to become the 6th most funded tech campaign in the crowdfunding site’s history. Taking a different approach to “wearables” that can only track your sleep patterns when they are on your body, Sense is intended to fade into the background and let you just focus on the task at hand — sleeping. The design of the polycarbonate shell was inspired by architecture, in fact Sense resembles a little egg that would have rolled out of Beijing’s iconic “birds nest” Olympic stadium. Sense comes with a little device called a Sleep Pill that attaches to your pillow and invisibly tracks your sleep movements at night. In case you were wondering, the manufacturer says that the unit “absolutely does not” track movements related to sex. The unit’s high-precision sensors are so sensitive, however, they are able to identify noise (from snores in your bedroom to car alarms on the street); pick up on light disturbances; monitor temperature and humidity conditions; and even see particulates in …

H20 Pal Smart Water Bottle

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of American adults drink less than four cups of water a day. A shocking 7% drink none. So is the H20 Pal water bottle from EQUA the solution to our dehydration problem? Made of a laboratory grade borosilicate glass bottle and a stainless steel cap, H20 Pal uses an accelerometer and weight sensor in the detachable base, along with an App, to help you keep track of how much water you are consuming. While the bottle itself is not complicated to use, you do have to log into the password-protected app in order to track your water consumption. The App also lets you know when you are properly hydrated, when you last filled your bottle, when you last took a sip, and allows you to compare how much your friends are drinking. So is this the solution for a thirsty nation or an overly convoluted drinking container? Check out the designer’s Kickstarter page and let me know what you think.

800W Design Wheelchairs

Unless you or someone close to you needs one, wheelchair design isn’t one of those things that’s usually top of mind. But there are few other product design areas where a well-designed product can have such an important influence on someone’s life and health (check out my recent story on a line of sexy, modern canes). That’s why I got excited when I got a pitch from Brandon Fonville with, a company specializing in mobility aides. Last month the company launched 800W Design, a new brand that will take a fresh approach to the aesthetics of wheelchairs, including the addition of new colors and custom stitching. I asked Brandon a few questions about the new line, and how it stands out from the rest of the designs on the market. DT: What inspired your modern take on the wheelchair? Brandon Fonville: After 15 years of selling wheelchairs and mobility products from other manufactures, I was always bothered by the aesthetics of some of the products; especially wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Most products we interact with on a daily basis have a certain aesthetic value that gets more designed over time. Why should wheelchairs be any different? …

Movember Bottle Opener & Money Clips

In honor of Movember — the annual event in November where men grow mustaches in order to bring awareness to the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment options for cancer — 1% percent of the sale of the mustache-toting bottle opener, money clip, and money clamp from bottleBoss will be donated to support awareness and education for men’s health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer. According to statistics provided by the Movember movement, one out of two men will get cancer in their lifetime and one in six men is expected to get prostate cancer.  All of the funds raised by the movement will go towards prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. $9.95 (bottle opener); $15.95 (money clip); $19.97 (money clamp).