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Omhu Canes

Omhu OO canes on docks

Canes do not have the reputation of being the most stylish of accessories, unless they belong to a baddie in a James Bond film. That’s why the aptly-named “00” line of canes from Omhu—a Danish design firm focused on medical equipment and accessories—are a much welcome exception. Made from aluminum and painted with bicycle paint, the canes can support up to 300 pounds while remaining exceptionally light weight.

The handles of the original Omhu/00 cane ($99) and the Omhu Tuxedo ($125) are both made of birch, finished with a non-toxic vegetable oil. The handle of the Tuxedo is stained black, though various shades of the birch can still be seen beneath the finish. Painted birch cane docks ($25 each) allow you to display the canes like works of art.

The Omhu Sport’s ($49) rubber-dipped handle helps the company sell it at a more affordable price. “The rubber dipped handle is another unique and beautiful feature, and is still superior to a foam handle, which often mold with time,” says Erica Kirsch with Omhu. “The shape of our handles is also especially comfortable in one’s hand.”

Kirsch adds that the cane tips, an important feature to the design, are made of the same rubber used for the soles of hiking boots (and similar technology to Nike Air), which allows them to provide stable support.

We asked Kirsch to tell us about the inspiration for the line.

As far as inspiration for these products go, each one has its own story. When Omhu first conceived of The 00 cane, it was already envisioned as resting on its counterpart, the Cane Dock, because traditional wisdom and research had shown we always find special places to put our special objects. 
The Omhu Sport was inspired by heroes like the Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius, and it is meant to be motivational and inspirational. Although it is our most affordable cane, we haven’t sacrificed design or functionality one bit.  
The Omhu Tuxedo was created because we have received many requests for a cane that is luxurious and beautiful enough to be worn to a black tie event. This is our most premium and exquisite cane yet.

A cane that is stylish while providing support, dignity, and independence. Kudos to Omhu for developing a well-priced product that truly stands out in the marketplace. 

Detail of OO cane on dock.

Omhu Tuxedo cane

Omhu Tuxedo cane detail.


  1. Francesca Miano says

    Is this cane being manufactured anymore? The company’s website has been hijacked by a skin care company.

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