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Desktop Accessories by Beyond Object

Beyond Object is a design label of the London-based design studio Poetic Lab that creates and distributes “poetic objects” around the world, including desktop objects, accessories, and tableware that are manufactured and crafted in Taiwan. After creating a temporary showroom during Milan Design Week in April, Beyond Object presented their new line of sculptural desktop accessories during the Maison et Objet Americas fair held earlier this month in Miami. One of the stars of the new collection is Cantili, a tape dispenser made of a pair of cantilevered mirror polished concave disks available in gold, cooper, and silver finishes. Penpo is a magnetic desk organizer made of three tubes of different materials, height, and size that have magnetic joints to form playful combinations. Funno is a pencil sharpener machined from a solid block of metal and hand-polished to a mirror finish in various colors. Funno, which also doubles as a paperweight, comes in mirror-polished gold, copper, and silver. Last but not least, Lino is a structured letter opener that has been reduced down to its outline. Handmade in stainless …

Lovely Pigeon

Why do I love the work of British designer Kirsty Thomas? It’s not just because she’s promised to take me out for fish and chips next time I’m in Scotland. I first fell for the copper- and formica-accented line of handcrafted jewelry—not to mention her copper-foil adorned cards and notebooks—when I spotted the display of her design studio Lovely Pigeon at the designjunction expo during last September’s London Design Festival. Thomas is a print maker, jeweler, illustrator, and “occasional shopkeeper” who works out of an old net loft in Cellardyke, a fishing village on the East coast of Scotland. I asked Thomas about her use of copper, which was a strong trend at the festival. Why do you use so much copper in your work?  I love the copper/brass trend that has emerged recently. The softer, warmer tones of copper, bronze, and brass add a bit of bling and glamour without being ostentatious or showy. I also think warm metallics have a heritage feel and using them in their raw state has a truth and simplicity that you …

Top Five Designy Posts of 2012

In the spirit of the ubiquitous year-end top list, I present the top five most popular posts at designythings in 2012. A line of wallpaper and paint inspired by London was the top most viewed post of the year, followed by a water bottle designed by Black+Blum, a feature on Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir, a new line of notebooks and accessories from Moleskine, and a handcrafted natural humidifier from Japan made of cypress wood. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and designy New Year.

Moleskine Messages Collection

For the price of a fancy greeting card you can now send friends and family a mini-Moleskine notebook filled with your poems, drawings, or other artistic expressions. New from Moleskine this month, the Messages Collection includes Postal Notebooks and Note Cards made of colored cardboard covers, a Singer sewn binding, and thick paper pages. Postal Notebooks feature an envelope-shaped notebook, ready-to-mail, with eight blank pages; the foldable flaps turn it into an envelope that can be sealed and mailed. When the letter arrives, the recipient can rip off the flaps and the card becomes a notebook keepsake. The Note Cards come with a separate envelope and covered book with four plain inner pages. Both versions come in six muted colors and two sizes (3.5” x 5.5” and 4.5″ x 6 3/4″). A fun, affordable way to make up for that e-card you sent your mom last year … a day late. $3.95-$7.95.