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Beverage Containers by Ole Jensen for Room Copenhagen

All of the products in Danish designer Ole Jensen’s new collection for the Scandinavian design company Room Copenhagen are based on Jensen’s hand clay models which have been interpreted into the final industrial pieces by the manufacturer’s in-house design team. In addition to a colander and juicer, the new collection also includes a jug and two different cups designs. The jug comes with an elongated handle in two sizes (.05 liter and 1 liter) in white, yellow, and light blue. The matching Cup 1 and Cup 2 have two different handle designs and come in white, yellow, and light green. All are produced in melamine, a durable hard plastic material. They will be available in the USA as well as across Europe. Prices are $29.99 USD for the .05 jug, $39.99 for the 1 liter jug, and $19.99 for a set of two cups.

Omhu Canes

Canes do not have the reputation of being the most stylish of accessories, unless they belong to a baddie in a James Bond film. That’s why the aptly-named “00” line of canes from Omhu—a Danish design firm focused on medical equipment and accessories—are a much welcome exception. Made from aluminum and painted with bicycle paint, the canes can support up to 300 pounds while remaining exceptionally light weight. The handles of the original Omhu/00 cane ($99) and the Omhu Tuxedo ($125) are both made of birch, finished with a non-toxic vegetable oil. The handle of the Tuxedo is stained black, though various shades of the birch can still be seen beneath the finish. Painted birch cane docks ($25 each) allow you to display the canes like works of art. The Omhu Sport’s ($49) rubber-dipped handle helps the company sell it at a more affordable price. “The rubber dipped handle is another unique and beautiful feature, and is still superior to a foam handle, which often mold with time,” says Erica Kirsch with Omhu. “The shape …