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Stay-Brella by Nendo

This clever “stay-brella”— created by the Japanese design firm Nendo exclusively for Seibu department stores in Japan — has a forked handle design that gives it a foot to stand on when not in use. This little feature also allows the umbrella to easily hang from tables and stay propped up on a wall when drying. The umbrella comes in eight different colors and has a strap to hang from the arm. A special surface coating reduces UV rays by 90%, a great feature in a country where folks use umbrellas for sun protection as much, if not more often, than rain protection. All photos by Akihiro Yoshida.


Padlette is a new handle for your tablet that works like a fancy, wide-mouthed rubber band; you simply stretch it around two opposite corners of your device and you are done. Available in a rainbow of colors, Padlette is lightweight and fits iPads and other similarly sized tablets. One thing I noticed during my Padlette test drive was that if you are using the iPad2, you can’t put your Padlette on first and then put your Smart Cover on top of it. However, you can put your cover on first and then put the Padlette over it to pin down the cover to keep it from flapping open. While I think the handle is pricey for what it is (it retails for $19.99 on Amazon), it could be a great solution for those who lack the dexterity to handle a tablet comfortably, including children and those with arthritis. Two new versions are launching at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, so stay tuned for more handy products from this company.