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Coffee Beer Bottle Design

Coffee Beer is a collaboration between Anchor Coffee in Kesennuma, a small city in Northern Japan, and the Japanese sake and beer brewery Sekinoichi in Ichinoseki. The beer, which is brewed with coffee beans, is a charity project to raise money for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami (both Sekinoichi and Ichinoseki were devastated during the tragedy). Nendo reused existing beer bottles in order to keep costs low, and covered them with small labels in the shape of coffee beans. As the labels are applied by hand, each bottle is unique, a trait that Japanese consumers will most likely find even more desirable. If you’d like to order some craft beer while supporting a good cause, here is the link. Photos by Hiroshi Iwaski

Grow Bottles

Handmade in Idaho from repurposed restaurant wine bottles, Grow Bottles are a fresh new way to grow herbs in the kitchen. After sourcing the bottles, Potting Shed Creations cuts them in half and finishes the edges. The top portion of the bottle inverts and nests into the bottom, and a natural wool wick is threaded through the neck of the bottle and draws up nutrient rich water from the base to the seed that is planted in clay pebbles. Each kit includes either basil, chives, oregano, parsley, or mint seeds, along with clay pebbles, vermiculite (to concentrate moisture while the seeds germinate), wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster, and directions. You can reuse the bottles by simply rinsing off the pebbles, washing the bottle in a dishwasher, and popping in a replant kit.  The 8”-high Grow Bottles can be purchased online at uncommon goods for $35.00 USD each (refills are $6.00 USD).

Recycled Objects from Contexture Design

Designers Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee of the Vancouver-based design firm Contexture Design have introduced a new line of modern, eco-friendly products made of recycled and reclaimed materials. The new line includes the Pollen Nation mobile that is laser-cut from recycled paper and salvaged agriculture maps, a toy glider inspired by ’50s era balsa wood gliders, a “Mapbook” notebook, and Cutout Cards. Although it’s not brand new, one of my favorite items from the collection is the Coffee Cuff. This helpful little accessory can go from arm candy to coffee sleeve in an instant, and is handmade from reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts.