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Petite Loop “Phone Leash”

It’s a rare thing when you find a product that is equal parts simple and useful. The Petite Loop “phone leash” is an incredibly handy, lightweight accessory that sticks to the back of your phone under your case. First you peel back the adhesive backing on the ribbon of your choice and attach it to the back of your phone. You then pull the .5 millimeter thick ribbon through the charging hole on the bottom and snap your case back on (it is claimed to be compatible with all phones ). You now have a handy way to be hands-free with your phone if you are without pockets, want to hang it on the back of the bathroom door so it doesn’t fall in the toilet, or want to keep it from getting snatched as the subway doors close (happened to my friend). At only .8 grams, the ribbon adds no noticable weight to the phone. But how strong is it really? You know those wall hanging tabs from 3M that only come off if you pull them horizontally from the product but will not …

Designy Studio: Aminimal

Brooklyn-based Aminimal Studio is a collaboration between American-born John Briscella and Russian-born Svetlana Blum Briscella. According to the pair, “We research complex systems, phenomena in nature, and urban chaos as an approach to design jewelry, lighting, and products with the intention of influencing the architectonic spaces that our designs inhabit.” The Field Test jewelry collection was designed around the premise of structures found in magnetic fields. Showcased at last winter’s Gift Fair in New York City, the lightweight forms are created by rapid prototyping and simulate experiments with B-Field lines. Other pieces from the duo include laser-cut earrings and necklaces, and a notebook, cork board, and clock that explore the patterns of different city grids. At a moment when maps are increasingly digital, it’s a nice to see our city streets in solid form once again. Prices range from $25-$110 U.S. for the jewelry; Urban Gridded Notebook is $25.