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Spectrum Candles

Founded by architects Jean and Oliver Pelle, PELLE is a Brooklyn-based design practice that produces sculptural lighting fixtures, furnishings, and accessories that merge architectural practice with craftwork. The Spectrum Candles are a set of 12 lightly scented, soy wax candles that are individually hand-cast in PELLE’s cone-shaped Sugarloaf candle molds. The set comes in either dark red to cream (Red Currant) or black to white (Dark Rose) spectrums, with each candle producing a stronger scent as the color darkens. As the candles burn (up to 25 hours), the scents can combine and pools of colored wax interweave to create an new color experience. The makers highly recommend using a liner or candle dish to collect wax runoff and to protect your tabletop. $336, set of 12 or $28 per candle. All images courtesy of PELLE.